A Lifelong practitioner of martial arts, yoga and meditation, Matthew teaches and mentors one on one and in small groups, online and in person.  With over 35 years experience, he incorporates the thread of truth that is woven into the ancient arts and wisdom teachings from the east and west to help guide you through personal transformation.
Included in his eclectic experience is Qigong and forms of Pranayama.  In Matthew’s yoga class you can expect a mixture of Hatha, Vinyasa and Breathwork. With many years professional teaching experience and training other teachers, Matthew sees a natural connection in Yoga & Martial Arts as Martial Arts, Yoga and Ayurveda, was introduced to Monks in China by guru’s traveling from India.  These monks then integrated what they learned and incorporated it into their system of health and longevity.  Such fusion and adaptation of traditions was often done in the ancient world and is still done today as you will find many of the latest breakthroughs in the western world simply renamed and adapted ancient teachings.

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