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What is a Threshing Floor, and What Does It Have To Do With Our Yoga Classes?

A threshing floor is a place where wheat is taken to separate the “wheat”, the good part and nourishing part, and the “chaff”, the bad and unwanted part.  Yoga when taught by a teacher who can offer more than just an physical experience, is a discipline that does far more for you than appears at first look.
Whether your desire is to transform your body, your mind, inner self or all of it, your yoga practice gives you the chance and support to let go of the bad — bad habits, stinking thinking, anything that does not serve you anymore, and cultivate the good — good habits, positive thinking, and all those things that you want to make part of who you are.
When you choose to practice with Threshing Floor Yoga, approach the mat with the expectation that as good as it is to have flexible, strong muscles, you will attain that and a whole lot more.

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We teach foundational practices that utilize set routines, free-style classes, breathwork, meditation and specialty workshops and clinics.  Click here to see our class calendar.
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