Class Descriptions

Please join us for online classes. Click here to contact us to find out about local classes near you, or request a class at your facility.

Foundational Yoga Practice

This class is a mixture of asana (postures), mindfulness meditation and breathwork. The class is an hour and a half long and is about a third sitting, a third laying down, and about a third standing. This yoga program was designed specifically to help practitioners build connectedness, body awareness, regulate emotion and impulses, reduce stress and anxiety.  Click here for full class description.

Freestyle Slow Flow

Freestyle Slow Flow is a faster pace than the foundation practice 1. Included in this practice are periods of full vinyasa (constant motion) and longer hold times in select asanas (yoga postures). This class is a creative class as it is geared toward the students in attendance that day and is different each time. Click here for the full description of this class

Meditation Class & Practice

What tradition teaches us, modern science has confirmed, that the benefits of meditation to our bodies, minds and overall sense of wellbeing are incredible and wide reaching.  What many do not know is that different types of meditation will impact us differently.  Our ongoing meditation program addresses a full range of mindfulness and other types of meditation giving the practitioner the opportunity to learn many meditative disciplines and use what servers them.


We have a variety of workshops that we hold every month or two.  We can also create a custom workshops for you group.  Click here to see our list of workshops. 

Open Clinic

During open clinics we will touch on a yoga topic or breakdown an asana (yoga posture) for about the first 15 minutes of the lesson, then have open Q&A on any asana or topic for an hour to an hour and a half based on the needs of the practitioners. Great for all levels, even first timers.

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