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You might have noticed our unique name.  A Threshing Floor is a place where you separate the wheat from the chaff of a wheat stock. That is, you separate the good, what you can eat and is useful, from the bad, what you cannot eat and is not useful.  In that way our yoga helps us to do the same within ourselves.
Threshing Floor Yoga’s primary focus is personal transformation.  You transform by removing the mental, physical and emotional barriers that keep you from achieving your full potential and your sense of wellbeing and joy.

What is transformation?

Well, the answer to that depends on you because it’s personal.  Maybe in your situation you do not know what is keeping you from feeling and being your best self, but you absolutely know you need to find out.
Or maybe you know exactly what is holding you down, but you need help overcoming that challenge.
It could be that for you, it is someplace in between.
You may be one of those rare individuals who feels great about everything, and your sense of being, wellness and peace of mind is already operating at a high level, but you’re a warrior, and you want to be surrounded by likeminded individuals who like you… ongoing personal transformation is a way of being.
Threshing Floor Yoga’s programs are designed for women and men just like you of all ages.

What about just having fun?

You must love what you’re doing in order to be motivated to keep doing it. When you participate in our foundational yoga practice, you feel as if it where to never end, you would be just fine with that
When you attend our workshops, you have a chance to feed your desire for more learning and advanced practices to help you on your way toward proficiency.
If you choose private lessons or a mentoring program, you learn to master your art and perhaps pass on what you have learned to others.
We are not a gym style yoga where yoga is just another form of physical movement.  Our practice is a deeply personal experience.
Although yoga theory, and a philosophy on wellness is part of our practice, we do not teach religion or a specific spiritual path.  The reason is that a person’s beliefs, both religious and spiritual are personal and very important to them. So instead of trying to promote a specific religion or spiritual path, we provide you with the tools to help you go deeper into your own personal spiritual journey.

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